Missing Link

Each of these clues has a single-word answer.

Another hidden theme word can be added at the beginning of each answer to create familiar phrases.

For example, the answers might be HUG, CLAW, and WITNESS—and the hidden theme word would be BEAR, to make BEAR HUG, BEAR CLAW, and BEAR WITNESS.

Can you answer all of the clues, and figure out the hidden theme word?

1. Florida has oodles of these, connected through dozens of bridges in the Overseas Highway

2. Secret Agent Maxwell Smart’s shoe, for one

3. 2015 drama, adapted from a novel of the same name, that earned its star the Academy Award for Best Actress

4. Field recognized in the only Nobel-Foundation-awarded prize that wasn’t personally established by Alfred Nobel in his will

5. What Julio is instructed to get, in “Uptown Funk”

6. Namesake of a western U.S. supermarket chain—or one of his sons, the namesake of a national electronics retail chain

7. Job title for Kwame Onwuachi, Stephanie Izard, or Jiro Ono

8. Culinary process that typically begins with milling, mashing, and lautering

9. “Crow” is to “murder” as “fish” is to…

What’s the hidden theme word?


  1. KEYS
  2. PHONE
  3. ROOM
  6. FRY
  7. CHEF

Hidden theme word: HOME

Jonathan Baude

Jonathan Baude is a core collective member of Living Room Playmakers, with whom he has produced plays at art galleries, church basements, and one very windy beach. His writing has also been featured in The A.V. Club and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend, his dog, and a small collection of unopened finishing salts.