Creative Calm

Download the painting in this timelapse — and six more — below.

The painting in the timelapse, currently untitled, is my latest piece. It’s meant to be a practice study, as this is the first landscape I’ve attempted in the acrylic medium in a number of years. Even though I have always been attracted to the hustle and bustle of life in a big city, I grew up in rural Michigan and have a child-like fondness for big skyscapes, magnolias, rainy days, and solitude.

I am in the process of opening up an online blog and store,, and am in the production process of a number of pieces that will culminate in my first-ever artistic debut and gallery opening (which, under the circumstances, might be virtual!) late this summer. I hope the downloadable digital wallpapers that I created will give you a reminder of tranquility and peace, especially during this distressing health crisis, on your device. 

Downloadable wallpapers

Lauren Niemchick

Lauren Niemchick is a Chicago-based creative, activist, gardener, and general food nerd. Botanicals, folklore, and watercolor mark-making are her most common themes. Find her on Instagram @laurenniemchick to purchase artwork or follow her projects.