Artist Statement

My inspiration mostly came from the book “Letters from a Nut.” The book is full of letters to stores, sports teams, hotels, and various other companies from a fictional character named Ted L. Nancy. I really liked the letter where Ted buys a sponge from a local store and complains that is haunted. He buys it and then it appears at his bed, he’s very confused and he goes to sit and the sponge is sitting at his feet. The sponge taunts him, as he says in his letter to the store. It’s scary but also funny. My intention is to bring joy to other people, and I thought it would be a fun little project to work on. 

I hope you enjoy the film, 
Nate Hetherington.

Nate Hetherington

Nate Hetherington is 12 years old, he is approaching 7th grade and is excited about it. He likes Minecraft, Astrophysics, and meeting new people. He doesn’t have much experience in the moviemaking industry, other than a couple of classes. He was inspired by a Letter from a Nut about, you guessed it, a haunted sponge.